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Jimmy's Kitchen has served the exciting food-loving city of Hong Kong for more than 90 years. Looking at the impressive wood-paneled interior of the restaurants today, you would never guess that the original Jimmy's Kitchen was a bare bone kind of place with scrub-top tables and naked light bulbs.

The founder of the group, Aaron Landau, catered to the tough-minded entrepreneurs and adventurers who traveled between Hong Kong and China and the sailors and service men of the US fleet.

It's been said that more business deals have been settled over the tables in Jimmy's Kitchen than in any boardroom in the city.

The same discretion also made the restaurants popular with the big movie stars of the 50s and 60s. Cary Grant, John Wayne and William Holden, to name but a few, all visited Jimmy's. William Holden even steadfastly took his steaming bowl of French Onion Soup with him when firemen politely requested that the restaurant be evacuated because of a small fuse-box fire.

In 1947, when Aaron Landau retired, the restaurant was taken over by his son, Leo. With his incredible energy and famous good humour he was a natural host.

Jimmy's Kitchen blossomed like never before due largely to Leo's warmth and attention to detail. In a newspaper interview in 1976, Leo admitted: "Father always resisted suggestions of change. It was only after his death in 1948 that I gradually started adding frills to the old lady."

Even quite a few of our steady customers were first brought to the restaurant as very young children by their parents. This sense of continuity and consistency is what Jimmy's Kitchen is all about. These restaurants provide a calm oasis in an ever-changing choice of food fads and trendy venues. At Jimmy's you expect to receive good food at a reasonable price and that is precisely what you get.

The pure sensual pleasure of good food is made all the more enjoyable when shared with family and friends. Jimmy's convivial atmosphere makes it a popular place to celebrate birthdays, engagements, wedding anniversaries or any of life's joyful occasions.


  • Hong Kong - Central
Address G/F South China Building, 1 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel 2526 5293
Operated Since 1928
Capacity Dining Room 130; Bar 30
Operation Hours Mon-Sun 12nn-3pm, 6pm-11pm
Cuisine Type Colonial / British
Hero Dishes Picked Dutch Herring Fillet, Waldorf Salad, Mulligatawny, Baked French Onion Soup, Madras, Chicken Kiev, Beef Stroganoff, Pig's Knuckle, Bangers and Mash, Steak Diane, USDA Servers Choice Holstein Angus NY Striploin, Rib-eye or Tenderloin, Baked Alaska and Jimmy's Satellite
Ambience The atmosphere of colonial period still prevails at the brownish-tone Jimmy's Kitchen Central after its renovation in 2006. The old photographs hanging on the wall, the immaculate table setting, the moody lighting and the meticulous service … all these make guests feel at home. The fancy swinging door separating a section of about 20 seats behind the chic, icy-blue wine cellar is the highlight. The contemporary wooden L-shaped bar creates a comfortable and exclusive area for patrons to sit down and relax.
General Manager Adrian Kavanagh
Restaurant Manager William Lo

Jimmy and his Jimmy's Kitchen

Jimmy's story begins in 1902 when Jimmy was born in small Midwestern town of the USA. Jimmy always loved to travel and at the age of 17 years in 1919 Jimmy joined the US army and found himself in Siberia by the end of 1920, after a couple of assignments in SE Asia Jimmy eventually ended up Tianjin, China. 

1922 while stationing in China, Jimmy was discharged from the US services and he quickly got a job with an Asian development company and started to make a name for himself in the hospitality industry in China. Jimmy was so well known that by 1923 he was enlisted by the US government to the position of Deputy Marshal in Shanghai.

During the early 1924 there was an acute, unsatisfied craving for hamburgers in Chefoo (now Yantai), and in response to this demand Jimmy opened a hamburger stand on the docks in Chefoo on the north coast of Shantung. Chefoo was at the time a summer anchorage point for foreign navy's especially the US Asiatic quadron and his hamburger stand was a smashing success. He also opened a popcorn stand in Shanghai at this time.

  • 1924, Jimmy opened his first full service restaurant in Shanghai's dockland district called ‘The Broadway Lunch' located at 105 Broadway (now Da Ming Lu)opposite the Savoy Hotel.

  • 1925, "The Broadway Lunch" changed its name because the regulars had come to know Jimmy and by then and they referred to his restaurant as "Jimmys", ignoring its proper title. Later that year, Jimmy officially changed the name to "Jimmys Kitchen". Now the customers identified the locale and its marvelous food with the ever popular owner Jimmy.

  • 1927 July, Jimmy expanded his business with a second “Jimmy’s” at nearby Nanjing Rd East (formerly called Bubbling Well Road) at No 212 Szechuan Rd, next door to the Navy YMCA.

  • 1927 Aaron Landau, an adventurer who was travelling down from Russia met Jimmy, who was by then a retired US serviceman in Shanghai and the owner Jimmy's Kitchen Shanghai. Aaron and Jimmy quickly became close friends and ultimately business partners. They struck a deal whereby Aaron would proceed to Hong Kong and open another Jimmy's Kitchen, so that both restaurants could benefit by exchanging clients between the two thriving port cities.

  • 1928 Aaron Landau opened the first Jimmy's Kitchen near the Seamen's Institute and old China Fleet Club, Lockhart Road, Wanchai which served the British navy in Hong Kong.

  • 1934 Jimmy's Kitchen HK moved to China Building at Theatre Lane/Queen's Road Central, near King's Theatre (Queen's Theatre until recently) in Central and was run by Leo Landau, Aaron's son.

  • 1941 December, Jimmy's Kitchen HK closed!! after Japanese occupied HK. Leo Landau was sent to a Japanese war prison in Sham Shui Po.

  • 1942 March, Jimmy and his family (wife and two daughters) were interned in the Chapei Civilian Internment Camp on the outskirts of Shanghai. While interning, Jimmy was put in charge of the camp kitchen.

  • 1945 August, the Japanese surrendered in Shanghai. Jimmy and his family were released. Jimmy returned to his businesses in Shanghai until the Communist takeover and the start of the Cultural Revolution.

  • 1945 August, the Japanese surrender in HK. Leo Landau reopened Jimmy’s Kitchen HK at Theatre Lane with many of the surviving staff members serving food to the British and American Military personal.

  • 1947 Aaron Landau retired from the Hong Kong business and his son Leo Landau took over it.

  • 1948 during the Communist takeover and the start of the Cultural Revolution, Jimmy lost or sold all of his businesses in Shanghai. Jimmy left Shanghai and returned to Dallas Texas USA, where he lived until he passed away in 1990. The legacy of Jimmy's Kitchen has remained in Hong Kong since the partners set up operations in both cities.

  • 1949 Aaron Landau passed away, and Aaron's family and partners kept the business going strong in Hong Kong.   

  • 1966 Neil Mackenzie, a cousin of Aaron's joined Jimmy's Kitchen HK.

  • 1969 22nd August Jimmy's Kitchen Kowloon was opened at G/F J. Hotung House 何鴻卿大廈 (now Hankow Ctr), Hankow Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui.

  • 1975 Jimmy's Kitchen Central opened on the G/F of South China Building, 1-3 Wyndham Street, with 120 seats. This ‘staggered move' was done because The China Building where Jimmy's Kitchen was located until this time was due to be torn down and redeveloped at the end of 1975.  

  • 1978 Jimmy's Kitchen celebrated its 50th anniversary in Hong Kong.

  • 1982 Jimmy's Kitchen Kowloon moved to 1/F Kowloon Centre, Ashley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui with 130 seats.

  • 1985 Neil Mackenzie and Peter Schlipf bought the Jimmy's Group from the Landau family.
  • 1990 June at age 88, ‘Shanghai Jimmy' passed away in Dallas, Texas.

  • 1994 Jimmy's Kitchen Kowloon celebrated its 25th Anniversary by serving lunch at 1969 prices.

  • In late 1990 Leo Landau passed away in Seattle, Washington where he had resided since leaving Hong Kong.

  • 2002 Epicurean Group acquired Jimmy's Group from Neil Mackenzie and Peter Schlipf who retired and moved back to Australia and the UK respectively.

  • 2003 Jimmy's Kitchen Central celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

  • 2006 Jimmy's Kitchen Central completed a facelift.

  • 2008 After celebrating the 80 Anniversary, Jimmy's Kitchen, TST relocated from the 1/F of Kowloon Centre to the G/F of the same building.

  • 2011 Jimmy’s Kitchen marked its return to its roots with the opening of JK Shanghai. Jimmy's finally closed the circle of 85 years of history by bringing the iconic ‘JK' back to Shanghai in the Historic Jin Jiang Hotel in the French Concession.

  • 2013 Jimmy’s Kitchen celebrated its 85th Anniversary


G/F South China Building
1-3 Wyndham Street
Central, HK
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Sun:
12nn to 3pm,6pm to 11pm

2526 5293


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